How My Poetry Began

It is about 25 years ago, that poetry first sprang in my heart. I was supposedly studying with a friend of mine, Ambati Rajashekar. It was about 2 in the night when he read his poems to me. That was the first time some read their poems to me. The first time I heard too. I was captivated by the versification. I became inspired. My birth pangs of poetry began.

Next day I laboured for more than an hour and wrote my first poem on Cricket. And thus started my journey. I started reading every book of poems I could lay my hands on. I read aloud, wrote hundreds of lines of Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth, Swinburne, Tennyson. I wanted to create a style of my own.

Soon I was writing at a rate of 5 – 10 verses a day. And my attentive audience was my chum, Ambati Rajashekar. I have not taken care of storing those manuscripts and as we moved from place to place most of them were lost. And of what remains, I am typing them and putting them into order.

I hope to put all of them, whatever their quality, here in this blog.

I do so because I believe we all are gifted. We only have to discover our gifts. I am indeed fortunate that God has endowed me with the gifts of writing and speaking. I know He does not mind the quality of my writing and speaking skills as long as I use and appreciate my gifts. And I am deeply thankful to Him.


3 Responses to How My Poetry Began

  1. shreyas says:

    I want an Expansion of idea on “all gliters are not gold”
    pls sent me in my e-mail ID

  2. Kiran Dasaur says:

    I just loved each n every word u wrote in each n every poem……these are the rare precious pearls, Radhekrishna made me stumble upon.

  3. Anjan Kumar says:

    Meeru rasina poems chaala bagaunnayyi

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