Come, My Heart Yearns

June 19, 2009

Every time you touch me
I feel a living thrill
Run down my heart
My breasts ache
Against my will.

A warmth creeps all over
And my body burns.
I hunger to kiss you
With lips aflame.
Come, my heart yearns.


How Slow Time Passes

June 19, 2009

How slow time passes
As I wait for you.
O Krishna, my own
What delays you?

The moon mocks me
And the owls laugh.
Come, my beloved
My other half.


June 19, 2009

Madhava, embrace me
Melt me in your arms.
Hold me, crush me
In your love-storms.

My lips hunger
To taste your wine.
Bite me, claw me
O cowherd divine.

My wealth I lay
For you to plunder.
Ravage me, tear me,
Don’t wait and wonder.

He cannot live without you

June 19, 2009

Another day passes another night.
Must life end all too soon?
I had just held your lotus hand,
Now no lotus, no moon.

Radha! Your beloved cries
He cannot live without you.
See how he withers and dries
Love that lent life now drains his hue.

Alone Without You

June 19, 2009

Why should I live? O Krishna
Without you my breath fades
Into a cold loneliness.
Alone without you, why live?

Pain pulls my heart, O Krishna.
Without you, all purpose is lost.
I sleep, I wake and sleep
And know not why I live!

O Dark Lover!

June 19, 2009

Friend moon, show me my Krishna.
Where is he hiding?
In the dark grove? By the still brook?
Doesn’t he hear my echoing heart?

The pregnant clouds are gathering
And I can labour no more.
My lips bleed and my breath aches
As agony draws my living seed.

Cruel Krishna, if you should come
And coax me with your eyes
Or with your touch or your flute
I shall not be snared, O dark lover!

From My heart, My Radha

June 19, 2009

Your thought possesses Krishna
And nothing else exists for him.
O Radha, say what magic charms
Snare his heart into your thought-cage?

All night he gazes at the stars
And to every passing cloud he whispers
‘Do you bring me any word
From my heart, my Radha?’

Come Radha, lest he become mad
And recognise you not
For in all he beholds you alone
And addresses all as you.