The Blessedness Of Peace

Verses of Vemana – 69

santame janulanu jayamu nondinchunu
santamunane guruni jaadateluyu
santabhavamahima jarchimpalemaya
viswadhabhirama vinura vema

Commentary: The great musician-saint Tyagaraja sings in Telugu: ‘Santamu leka saukhyamu ledu saarasa dala nayana, Daantunikaina vedantunikaina[1]…’ Without peace, there is no happiness. One may be an ascetic, a knower of the Vedas, have all the material comforts of a family, wealth and food, be a master of the sastras, perform all the scriptural injunctions, become famous as a devotee of the Lord yet peace of mind may still elude him. Such is the blessedness of peace! Vemana says that a peaceful man gains victory in any situation. The guru is known through peace alone. In truth, no tongue can describe the glories of peace.

[1] ‘Santamu leka saukhyamu ledu saarasa dala nayana, Daantunikaina vedantunikaina,daara sutulu dhana dhaanyamulundina, Saareku japa tapa sampada galgina, Aagama sastramulanniyu jadivina, Baaguga sakala hrud bhaavamu delisina, Yaagaadi karmamulanniyu jesina, Bhaagavatulanuchu baaguga peraina, Rajaadhi raja sri raaghava, Tyagaraja vinuta saadhu rakshaka tanakupa’


One Response to The Blessedness Of Peace

  1. zahid imran says:

    A Thing of beauty is joy forever
    The violence of war can be diluted with love
    The Nearer the Church the Farther From God
    Man probes into space but not into himself

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