Only the Virtuous Know Virtue

Verses of Vemana – 63

dhaarmikunaku gani dharmabu kanaradu
kastajiviketlu kanabadunu
niru chorami lotu nijamuga deleyadu
viswadhabhirama vinura vema

Commentary: To appreciate something one must go through it. Only the tongue that tastes an orange knows it flavour. Not all the description in the world will ever convey the tang. It is the same with righteousness. Vemana says that none but the virtuous know the sweetness of virtue. What will the wicked man know of the charm of uprightness? To know the depth of water, one should enter it. Standing on the bank will tell us nothing. Mere vicarious understanding cannot take the place of experience. He who knows, he knows. None else knows[1]!

[1] Cosmic chants, Paramahansa Yogananda (Kolkata: Yogada Satanga Society of India, 1993) p46


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