Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The work of a farmer depends almost entirely on the weather. But this a very uncertain factor and he has to make the most of his opportunities. Hay making requires right sunshine. It is ruined by exposure to rain or mist. Hence the farmer has to be quick in getting his hay while weather is favourable.

In an extended sense, the difficulties of the farmer are the difficulties of all human beings, no matter what their sphere of action may be. Life like the weather is uncertain. No man can tell how soon or in what form death may overtake him. Nor are our faculties equally vigorous always. Much depends on the state of our health.

As youth comes but once so opportunities never repeat themselves. Even if they do, the circumstances are not so favourable to use them fully. It is therefore necessary to make the best of those that come our way.

Like the careful farmer, we should always be on the alert to make the sunshine of opportunities serve our needs. Those who take things easily, those who are always putting off till tomorrow, those who do not strike while the iron is hot, will soon find themselves in the state of the farmer who does not make hay while the sun shines.

Therefore those who wish to make their mark in life must move with the time and do things in the right moment. The key to success lies in proper and timely action. The lives of all successful men reveal the truth of this maxim.

In Shakespeare’s words, ‘there is a tide in the affairs of men, which when taken at the flood leads on to fortune’.


16 Responses to Make Hay While the Sun Shines

  1. srinidhi and sriranjani says:

    Thank you very much for help in right time

    • Komarraju Venkata Vinay says:

      Thank you for your kind words. If there are any more proverbs to expand, please let me know. I will write on them.

  2. Jothi says:

    Thank u sir.It will more help for me.

  3. remya says:

    thanks for the help



  5. jaymin says:

    thank u 4 help sir…

  6. harsh says:

    thank u

  7. Vaisakh Nair says:

    very well done sir
    bt u should use some poetic lines or other proverb etc
    thank you

  8. ankita says:

    thank u sir. ur artiucle is very brilliant. i was in so need for this i have my english exam tomorrow my english teacher is my school’s principal

  9. Anusha Iyer says:

    this was for my school but i didnt know what to write in my composition book but this has given me alot of help thankyou for your kindness

  10. Renuka says:

    thnk you Sir, i got brillant ideas wid the help of ur expansion 4 my speech! šŸ™‚

  11. thnkuu so much…ds was gvn by my eng teacher in school…so thnks..

  12. rishvanth katragadda says:

    i have words for such a artistic,brilliant,and such an extraordinary are great

  13. Disha Kalambe says:

    hi.. this help me a lot..
    can u tell me about expansion of idease on Laughter is the best medicine…PLEASE..!!!

  14. kajal.. says:

    frst of all thnxxxxsss…. i ws very mch need for ths essay….thnx.

  15. ridakhan says:

    i gt it as a hw of 1 and a half page but this article is not even one page !!!!!:P try to write more big essays šŸ˜› anyways thankss!!!!!

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