Tolerance: The Sign of Greatness

Verses of Vemana-33

bahula kavyamulanu parimpagavachu
bahula sabdha chayamu baluka vachu
sahanamokkatabba chala kastambura
viswadhabhirama vinura vema

Commentary: Sahanam is the key to the inner door of greatness. What does it mean? It stands for patience, endurance, forbearance, and tolerance. It is the opposite of anger, of hatred, and malice. It is the strength of mind and heart. It enables us to face the challenges and difficulties of life without losing our composure and inner tranquility.

How does one develop this noble trait? Patiently, through love. For, of what use is tolerance when the heart is simmering with hatred. Great patience means great love, to be loving and compassionate in the face of criticism, misunderstanding, or aggression.

Vemana says that it is easier to study very great number of verses, it is easier still to master many languages than to cultivate tolerance. True indeed!


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