The Good See Only Good

Verses of Vemana-28

guvva koraku menu kosi ya sibiraju
varta viduvaka raka kirtikekke
ogunenchaboba rupakari nenturu
viswadhabhirama vinura vema

Commentary: The story of King Sibi is a tale of selfless sacrifice. It is found in the Mahabharata, Aranya Parva.

To test Sibi, Indira the king of gods, assumed the form of a hawk and chased a dove. It flew to the king and sought his protection. The king gave his word. The hawk protested that it was seeking its natural food and agreed to spare the dove if the king would offer his flesh equal in weight to the dove. The king agreed and cut his flesh to save the life of the dove. His noble act immortalized him.

Vemana says that he who is charitable does not give any thought to the evil in others. He sees only good.


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