Sowing the Seeds of Fortune

Verses of Vemana-30

purvajanmamandu punyambu cheyani
papi ta dhanambu badayaledu
vittamarachi koya vedakina chandambu
viswadhabhirama vinura vema

Commentary: The oft-used analogy for what we get in life has been the one from the farmer’s world: the act of sowing and reaping. This is universally understood.Our harvest is relative to the hard work.

Vemana does not question or elucidate it. His contention is different. He wonders how one can become prosperous in this birth if one has not done any good deeds in one’s last birth.

The idea is that the rich and the poor are reaping the fruits of their merit or the lack of it. The unfortunate has only himself to blame for not sowing the seeds of fortune. For, how can anyone, having forgotten to sow the seeds, expect to reap a golden harvest?


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