Purity of Heart

Verses of Vemana-15

Atmasuddhi leni acharamadi ela
Bhandasuddhi leni pakamadi ela
Chittasuddi leni sivpujalelara
Viswadhaabhiraama, Vinura Vema

Commentary: Vemana strikes out at the hollowness of external practices. A practice or a custom, a rule or a fashion, a mode, a course of conduct or religious observance, what avail are they without sincerity, without purity of heart?  A mind or intellect that is not unpolluted is no fit altar to worship the divine. But purity of heart is a very big thing.

Lord Krishna says, “To achieve purity of heart, one must observe cleanliness…be compassionate towards all beings, and perform the appropriate duties of life.” Yet, how often we miss the point and metaphorically partake food prepared in an unclean vessel.


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