Discipline With Love

Verses of Vemana-31

chakali kokaludiki chikaku padachesi
mailadesi lessa madachinatlu
budhi cheppuvadu gudditenemaya
viswadhabhirama vinura vema

Commentary: Physical discipline has always been a contentious issue. The child, who faces it, dislikes it. But surprisingly the child on growing old meets it out on his children without any remorse or recollection of the pain that was inflicted on him.

Vemana draws attention to physical discipline in correcting the erring loved ones. He says that there is nothing wrong in using it with care and love.

He bolsters his point with the analogy of a washer man washing clothes. The washer man beats the laundry against stone slabs. He scrubs them, rinses them, squeezes them, dries them and irons them. He does all this with the good intention of cleaning the clothes.

Physical discipline is just the same. Perhaps one should understand the demarcating line between physical discipline and physical abuse: the former deals with love, the latter strikes with anger. Imagine the washer man washing angrily. The laundry will surely be damaged, wont it?


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